Night School

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I’m extremely proud to present “Night School”, a new style ‘fly on the wall’ custom audio clip, based on a synopsis, a long-standing client recently commissioned.

It is the first clip I’ve produced that not only features a genuine, f/m severe spanking, but also includes the voice of another female spanking actress.

I play Elizabeth, an irate DWC wife, who after returning home from a long, arduous day at work is furious to find that my husband David (in a non-verbal role) has neglected to clean the house.

By failing to do so, he’s reneging on an agreement that he’d perform all the household chores, during the day, in-lieu of the fact I’m paying for his tuition when he attends his Night School classes.

To make matters worse I’ve also received a phone call from his strict teacher, Mrs. Anderson superbly played by long-term associate and fellow spanking enthusiast Kathryn Davenport, informing me that he’d skipped her class the night before.

Unbeknownst to David, I’ve arranged for her to “unexpectedly” stop by shortly after I’ve returned home, at which time I plan on putting him over my knee for a good blistering with my large, antique, wooden hairbrush.

Being a kindred spirit, I’m secure in the knowledge that Mrs. Anderson be only too happy to watch (and encourage) me administer a sound thrashing to my naughty husband.

Here is some feedback from the client, after receiving it:

“Whow!!!! That had to be the best one you’ve ever done, custom or otherwise!”

“Hearing the to other people interact with you made it very realistic. I normally don’t like men appear in in audio clips, but I really enjoyed the way he reacted during the punishment, which would have been very similar, if it had been happening to me.”

“Mrs. Anderson did a fabulous job, I really hope she appears in more Elizabeth Burns audio clips in the future, as she has an ideal voice for it. You can tell from listening to her that she’s capable of delivering a good sound spanking.”

“I really appreciate the hard work the three of you put into the production. I’m very flattered, and delighted, you were able to adapt my script into this wonderful clip.”


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