After Dinner Spanking Series, Parts 1-4

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I am extremely proud to present “After Dinner Spanking with Mrs. Davenport,” a new four-part audio series which features interaction between a DWC couple and their longtime friend, the incomparable Kathryn Davenport. This is a continuation of the “Shower Spanking” series.

The action takes place after Kathryn confides to the wife, played by Elizabeth, in the ladies room of the restaurant the three of them are dining out, that the wife’s mischievous spouse has been playing footsie under the table with her.

As a result of consuming more alcohol during the meal that he should, he’d not only acted extremely flirtatiously towards Elizabeth’s alluring friend, but also to the pretty young waitress who’d served them.

Despite the fact that the husband, played in a non-verbal role, had received a painful spanking with a rubber spatula in the shower before going out to dinner, he had clearly not learned his lesson.

The furious wife will not tolerate this kind of disrespectful behavior and invites her inquisitive friend to return home to witness, for the first time, how she plans on dealing with him.

She hopes that Kathryn’s commanding presence watching her administer a prolonged, severe, thrashing to her husband will have a salutary effect on his lecherous behavior. Also, she astutely knows that the added humiliation of making him dress in women’s lingerie in front of them both will only help underlined the acute apprehension and embarrassment he will feel. As Kathryn’s perceptively remarks, “It’s time for him to be objectified…like a piece of meat!”

After dinner spanking series, Parts 1-4 –Purchase all four parts together and save!


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