Reform School, Part 3




In the third of the Reform School series, which is 10 minutes in length, Ms. Hawthorne recounts the story of one of the ‘unusual boys’ she’s had the satisfaction of dealing with at the Institute.
Joseph, an attractive teenage boy from an affluent family from the West Coast whom, she intuitively surmised, was secretly yearning to be under the guidance and correction of an authoritarian woman, is the first case study she recalls in her own inimitable way.
The recording of his visit to Ms. Hawthorne for a thrashing after being caught smoking and using profanities is authentically re-enacted.
The punishment he receives is, as you’ll hear, both rigorous and unrelenting. It is not for the squeamish…but as you’ll discover Ms. Hawthorne doesn’t believe in doing things by half measures, as Joseph quickly realizes!

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