Mother, Aunt Mary and Sissy boy

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This six minute, tailor made, custom audio clip, was written and produced after receiving an outline from a client.
I play the role of a strict Mother narrating a one-sided conversation she’s engaged in with her submissive, post-pubescent, son, Joseph.
A Mother intuitively knows when her son’s up to no good. Although he’s been expressly forbidden to enter my bedroom when I am out, I sensed that when he thought the coast was clear, that was the first port of call he was invariably drawn to.
I decided to set a trap during a weekend when he was due to be staying at my sister’s, his Aunt Mary. When she caught him red-handed parading around in her lingerie it meant only one thing…..a severe thrashing with her wooden paddle on his bare bottom.
After being informed of his actions, I decide it’s high time to finally confront him about the dark, shameful secret, the one he’s been harboring for so long, namely his penchant for wearing women’s underwear.
With everything now finally out in the open between him, me, and his open minded and inquisitive Aunt, he quickly learns that things are going to change around here….


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