1 month of Weekly Phone Messages




Here is your chance to get a weekly, 2 minute call from Elizabeth. This will be a recorded message about spanking. The call will come once a week and you can either answer the phone when the call comes in and hear the message, or let it go to voicemail so you can enjoy the message later.


Here are the details of how it works-

– You can sign up for 1 month at a time, it is not recurring billing. You will receive 4 messages a month.

– Unfortunately, this is only available for US phone numbers.

– After making the payment, you must email Elizabeth with the email address you used for payment as well as the phone number to use for the spanking phone messages. If you do not send a phone number, you will not receive the messages or a refund. You may, however, earn yourself a sound spanking!

-Currently there are messages including scolding, discussing my favorite implements, messages which include the sound of a spanking as well as the discussion of rules when being spanked and describing some of what a spanking from me will entail.


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