Asking for it


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Asking for it, Part 1


This is a 13 minute audio clip about a boy who, when pressed by his mother about what she should do regarding his recent poor behavior, admits that maybe a spanking is in order. This first part includes scolding, recalls occasions when he was previously spanked, and the mother threatening him with a spanking if he doesn’t get his room cleaned in time.

Asking for it, Part 2 Option 1


This is the continuation of the story/scolding and is over 10 minutes in length. It commences with the mother checking to see if his bedroom was properly cleaned. This includes real punishment, as well as dialogue between the mother and son with him admitting he really wanted to be punished, as well as the mother’s regret of not administering more spanking. If communication about the mother and son desiring to have a spanking continue doesn’t interest you, see option 2 where this is not part of it, but it is replaced with talk of changes in the future instead.

Asking for it, Part 2 Option 2



This is the continuation of the story/scolding and is nearly 11 minutes long. It commences with the mother checking to see if his bedroom was properly cleaned. This part includes real punishment, as well as threats and details of how things will be changing in the future. Much of this is the same as option one, just without the section where the son and mother expressed their desire for continued spankings.


Bad Day at School

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Bad day at school, part 1


This is an eight minute audio clip featuring a boy who, after misbehaving in school, is spanked on his bare bottom in front of the whole class.

Bad day at school, part 2



The saga continues in this eight minute story. When the boy arrives home the next day after not completing homework assignments and must deal with his irate mother.


Brave New World


This is a story about a woman who accidentally finds out about how the wife next door spanks her husband when he misbehaves. This clip lasts over 15 minutes.

Friend of the Family


This audio clip lasts for nearly 15 minutes. It tells the tale of a man who gets up the courage to tell his wife’s friend about his spanking interest and is shocked when he ends up over her knee. This story is from a man’s point of view.


Family Traditions, Part one


This is a 12 minutes story regarding a family that employs corporal punishment to solve household issues. In this first part, 18-year-old twin daughter and son are spanked on separate occasions by their mother with her hand and hairbrush. The son is also briefly spanked by the father.

Tarty Employees Lesson



This is an 11 minutes story about a 24-year-old female who works for a strict female boss who uses corporal punishment to deal with her employees.