Role Play

Reform School Series

I am proud to present the first in a series of new audio clips featuring Elizabeth Burns in the role of Ms. Hawthorne, recounting her experiences as a disciplinarian at a Reform School for wayward and incorrigible boys.

Any of you ‘female to male’ spanking enthusiasts who are familiar with the classic, revered novel ‘A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen’, or have a predilection for corporal punishment being applied in a traditional, strict, scholastic environment – this will be the audio series you will both relate to and relish.

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Reform School, part 1

In this first seven minute audio clip, Ms. Hawthorne gives detailed insight into the day to day running of the strict Institute. She explains how the boys are expected to dress and obey the school’s stringent rules and regulations. She also discusses how effective her strict correctional methods have been in rehabilitating the more unruly boys she’s dealt with over the years.

This clip also includes an authentic, bare bottom switching of one such naughty boy, overheard from her punishment woodshed on the Institute’s expansive grounds.


Reform School, part 2

In this second, six minute audio clip, Ms. Hawthorne candidly discusses her childhood growing up in a strict matriarchal household with her two boisterous brothers and no-nonsense Mother. Her captivating recollections of witnessing and, in time administering, corporal punishment clearly illustrate how fortuitous these experiences were in cultivating her intrinsically dominant nature.

Sit back, relax, close your eyes, and, with the aid of her gripping, revealing narrative, alongside the dramatic, real-life recorded punishment sessions that accompany it, you’ll find yourself instantly being transported back to a bygone age of old fashioned, traditional values and strict discipline.

Reform School, part 3

In the third of the Reform School series, which is 10 minutes in length, Ms. Hawthorne recounts the story of one of the ‘unusual boys’ she’s had the satisfaction of dealing with at the Institute.

Joseph, an attractive teenage boy from an affluent family from the West Coast whom, she intuitively surmised, was secretly yearning to be under the guidance and correction of an authoritarian woman, is the first case study she recalls in her own inimitable way.

The recording of his visit to Ms. Hawthorne for a thrashing after being caught smoking and using profanities is authentically re-enacted.

The punishment he receives is, as you’ll hear, both rigorous and unrelenting. It is not for the squeamish…but as you’ll discover Ms. Hawthorne doesn’t believe in doing things by half measures, as Joseph quickly realizes!

** Click here to listen to a preview clip of Reform School, part 3 **

Night School

I’m extremely proud to present “Night School”, a new style ‘fly on the wall’ custom audio clip, based on a synopsis, a long-standing client recently commissioned.

It is the first clip I’ve produced that not only features a genuine, f/m severe spanking, but also includes the voice of another female spanking actress.

I play Elizabeth, an irate DWC wife, who after returning home from a long, arduous day at work is furious to find that my husband David (in a non-verbal role) has neglected to clean the house.

By failing to do so, he’s reneging on an agreement that he’d perform all the household chores, during the day, in-lieu of the fact I’m paying for his tuition when he attends his Night School classes.

To make matters worse I’ve also received a phone call from his strict teacher, Mrs. Anderson superbly played by long-term associate and fellow spanking enthusiast Kathryn Davenport, informing me that he’d skipped her class the night before.

Unbeknownst to David, I’ve arranged for her to “unexpectedly” stop by shortly after I’ve returned home, at which time I plan on putting him over my knee for a good blistering with my large, antique, wooden hairbrush.

Being a kindred spirit, I’m secure in the knowledge that Mrs. Anderson be only too happy to watch (and encourage) me administer a sound thrashing to my naughty husband.

Here is some feedback from the client, after receiving it:

“Whow!!!! That had to be the best one you’ve ever done, custom or otherwise!”

“Hearing the to other people interact with you made it very realistic. I normally don’t like men appear in in audio clips, but I really enjoyed the way he reacted during the punishment, which would have been very similar, if it had been happening to me.”

“Mrs. Anderson did a fabulous job, I really hope she appears in more Elizabeth Burns audio clips in the future, as she has an ideal voice for it. You can tell from listening to her that she’s capable of delivering a good sound spanking.”

“I really appreciate the hard work the three of you put into the production. I’m very flattered, and delighted, you were able to adapt my script into this wonderful clip.”

Shower spanking

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Shower Spanking, part 1

This 12 minute audio clip features a DWC couple whose relationship is governed by the strict, matriarchal wife, portrayed by Elizabeth. She believes in upholding traditional values and frequently administers corporal punishment as a means to ensure her spouse keeps the vows he made to “love, honor and obey” her.

Because her husband misbehaved the previous night, a punishment session is due. The wife, who is supervising her husband getting ready to go out for dinner, begins by administering a succession of painful strokes, applied vigorously with a rubber spatula on his wet, bare bottom and thighs while he’s showering. She threatens him that if his tardiness causes them to be late and/or he misbehaves at the restaurant, the punishment he’ll receive when they return will be even more severe.


Shower Spanking, part 2


This nine minute recording is a continuation of Shower Spanking, part 1. During this second clip, even more serious strokes with a rubber spatula are inflicted on the now clearly distressed, whimpering husband.

This recording references themes of enforced chastity, wearing sissy attire including panties, and her continued insistence of total sexual jurisdiction.

To find out what happens at and after dinner, see “After Dinner Spanking with Mrs. Davenport”

After Dinner Spanking with Mrs. Davenport, A four-part series

I am extremely proud to present “After Dinner Spanking with Mrs. Davenport,” a new four-part audio series which features interaction between a DWC couple and their longtime friend, the incomparable Kathryn Davenport. This is a continuation of the “Shower Spanking” series.

The action takes place after Kathryn confides to the wife, played by Elizabeth, in the ladies room of the restaurant the three of them are dining out, that the wife’s mischievous spouse has been playing footsie under the table with her.

As a result of consuming more alcohol during the meal that he should, he’d not only acted extremely flirtatiously towards Elizabeth’s alluring friend, but also to the pretty young waitress who’d served them.

Despite the fact that the husband, played in a non-verbal role, had received a painful spanking with a rubber spatula in the shower before going out to dinner, he had clearly not learned his lesson.

The furious wife will not tolerate this kind of disrespectful behavior and invites her inquisitive friend to return home to witness, for the first time, how she plans on dealing with him.

She hopes that Kathryn’s commanding presence watching her administer a prolonged, severe, thrashing to her husband will have a salutary effect on his lecherous behavior. Also, she astutely knows that the added humiliation of making him dresse in women’s lingerie in front of them both will only help underlined the acute apprehension and embarrassment he will feel. As Kathryn’s perceptively remarks, “It’s time for him to be objectified…like a piece of meat!”

After dinner spanking series, Parts 1-4 –Purchase all four parts together and save


After Dinner Spanking with Mrs. Davenport, Part 1


In this first nine minute clip, after returning home, the incorrigible husband, who initially heads for the living room for yet another alcoholic beverage, is told to accompany the two women to the couple’s bedroom. Once there, after being scolded like a naughty boy, he’s made to strip, revealing the red lace panties that his wife made him put on under his clothing earlier that evening.

After changing into black stockings, négligée and heels in the bedroom’s walk-in closet, Mrs. Davenport suggested he be photographed parading around in them for prosperity, which only adds to his shameful, sissy predicament.


After Dinner Spanking with Mrs. Davenport, part 2


It is 8 1/2 minute audio clip, after discussing the numerous implements at their disposal with the increasingly intrigued Mrs. Davenport, the husband’s bare bottom spanking commences with the application of the Scottish tawse, punishment strap, and prison strap. His relentless punishment continues with the application of a wooden back clothes brush. With Kathryn’s encouragement the strokes are administered even more severely than usual.

After Dinner Spanking with Mrs. Davenport, part 3


This eight minute clip includes even more strokes of the paddle, strap and six searing strokes with the intense rattan Dragon Cane. A punishment from earlier that evening is also included.


After Dinner Spanking with Mrs. Davenport, part 4




This eight minute audio clip features the culmination of a ferocious caning on the now contrite husbands bottom and upper thighs, leaving welts that will clearly last for quite some time. During the last succession of strokes, Kathryn counsels the whimpering husband, who has unequivocally learned his lesson.